Saturday, October 17, 2009

First attempt to blog...and, do I really want to do this??

Ok, I decided it's time to open a blog. I'm puttin' in the miles. I purchased the little camera for my trail runs. Now it's time to share.

I really don't like to sit down at the computer long enough to compose any long blogs. But, lately, I have been on some outlandishly beautiful runs that I feel I need to share. It makes my journey more enjoyable when I know someone else can see where I've been. It also helps kill the running time when you compose a blog in your head when your on mile 9 of a 15 mile trek.

Today I took my itty-bitty camera with me for it's virgin voyage through the mountains.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was barely coming up when I met with my fellow runners and we piled in a couple of cars and headed up to Spooner Summit where we began our run. Apparently, I made the coffee extra strong this morning because I was pretty pumped and ready to go. Recovered from my 1/2 marathon a couple weeks before, I was looking at covering some long miles today (well, long for me). It was beautiful running on the trail through the mountains. Peaceful. The trail was nice and wide and we could run three across. I grouped up with fellow runners Jeff and Ben who are both training for a marathon in December. I am not (currently) signed up for a full marathon, but I'm training as if I am. Maybe next year.

We ticked of the miles with some beautiful scenery. The pictures I came up with did not do it justice. I need to fiddle with it. Next time I'll select the scenery mode and see where I get with it.

We had several miles of uphill and then started our downhill reprieve. Getting into the neighborhood in Kings Canyon we had to pound some pavement. But soon we were up in the hills again running "C" hill.

We made it back to the cars at a 1/2 marathon distance and I did it faster than my race time. 2:11 today. We passed the cars and decided to keep going to make it a nice even 14 miler.

The trail from Spooner down is spectacular and the turning leaves in Carson City were quite a sight this autumn morning. Well worth getting up at 5:30am. (As long as I get the rocket coffee).

Companionship makes all the difference on these long runs. I am enjoying my running group so much, making new friends that share my love of running.

I am going further than I ever imagined I could and my goals are growing all of the time.

This is the next chapter in my life where I find the strength within myself and see how far I can go. Empowering.

I will soon post my pictures from the Kokanee Salmon run.
That is, if I decide blogging is for me.


  1. Yay Abbey! It's addicting, eh? (Both the running, and you'll find, the blogging. :) Your little camera looks like it held up- the photos you took were great, except I can't see who the person is that was back-lit by the sun. I also had to take a photo of the fall glory this morning! Thanks for the great report, and awesome job with your super long run!

  2. Great run, Abbey - and glad you're blogging! Gorgeous day out there today, wasn't it?

  3. Hey! I added your blog to my feed, both on my Google Reader and my blog sidebar. :) Yay for blogging!